AT HOME: When you choose Equal Exchange products, your purchase goes a long way. Not only do you get tasty, organic products for you and your loved ones, but you can also feel good knowing your dollars directly support small farmers and their families.

Why I Love Equal Exchange Products:

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Key Ingredient: Equal Exchange Organic
Ecuador Dark Chocolate


Key Ingredient: Equal Exchange Organic Baking Cocoa

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Equal Exchange sources from small farmer organizations because we believe they are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement.
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On the Farm: Our chocolates are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmer co-ops. Meet three farmers from Peru, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay who benefit from your support of Equal Exchange chocolate products:

Farmer Voices

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For every virtual tree planted we'll plant a real one at CONACADO, a small farmer cacao co-op in the Dominican Republic.

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Win a Trip to Visit Cacao Farmers with Equal Exchange!

Love chocolate? Want to see where it comes from and shake hands with the small-scale farmers who grow it? Then enter to win a spot on an Equal Exchange delegation this November to visit the CONACADO cacao co-operative in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1988, CONACADO is the oldest and largest Fair Trade and organic cacao co-operative, with 10,000 members.

trip details

We will fly in and out of Santo Domingo and travel throughout the country.

1st half of November
5 days /
6 nights (excluding travel time)


  • Visiting the CONACADO office in Santo Domingo to learn about the history and work of the co-operative
  • Touring farms and harvest cacao
  • Seeing the impacts of Fair Trade for farmers and their communities