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Biosphere Reserve: El Triunfo

THE FARMERS OF CESMACH: Stewards of the Biosphere

The nucleus of the staggeringly beautiful El Triunfo Biosphere is off limits to the general public due to the fragility of its ecosystems but it is surrounded by a working landscape called the buffer zone.

Here live the guardians of the biosphere – people whose roots are as tied to the land as the roots of the trees in the cloud forest. A human barrier against environmental degradation, the farmers of CESMACH follow strict organic farming practices. Equal Exchange has helped fund a CESMACH project including the important work of soil analysis, in order to naturally and sustainably raise farm yields. This in-depth look at the health of the coffee farms has resulted in innovative solutions that decrease the need to exploit the natural resources available in the biosphere.

Equal Exchange is proud to support the efforts of CESMACH farmers by purchasing this coffee and offering it as a reserve product in order to highlight their ongoing efforts to protect life in the biosphere while heightening the quality of their beans.

Their environmental focus is only one of the impressive aspects of this farming co-op. To learn more about CESMACH, check out this blog post: Why Authentic Fair Trade Matters: The CESMACH Story Retold.