October is Co-op Month

October 6, 2013

Reblogged from Somos Estrellas:
with an emphasis on U.S. worker-owned co-operatives:  it's just what I know best.
Oct. 1
Hang a poster in your work or home and share Co-op Month via social media to get the word out!
Download at http://ncba.coop/coop-month.

Oct. 2
Uh, what’s a co-op again?

Oct. 3
Do tell me more…

Oct. 4
Discover co-operative origins!
Register to watch a…
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October is both Fair Trade and Co-op Month. Here is a wonderful post by Somos Estrellas about how you can learn more about co-ops, join co-ops, and support co-ops. Pour yourself a cup of Fair Trade coffee, tea or hot cocoa (from worker-owned coop Equal Exchange, of course) and look through this fun and inspiring calendar of activities!