Boston Cafe Manager

Job Description

  • Job type: Full time, regular exempt employee on worker-owner track
  • Benefits: Health/dental/vision insurance coverage, vacations, holidays, sick days, eligibility for worker-ownership
  • Reports to: TBD 
  • Based in: Equal Exchange Retail Location (Boston, Massachusetts) 
  • Responsible for: Overall successful management of retail food establishment, including hiring and scheduling staff, accounting and money handling, product purchasing and cost control, promotion, facility maintenance, and design of strategy.


  • Ability to hire, train and supervise full-time and part-time staff and team of baristas
  • Ability to communicate with customers, team members and staff        
  • Ability to effectively manage time and responsibilities
  • Ability to effectively problem solve with customers and team members    
  • Previous retail food establishment experience 
  • Accounting and cash management experience
  • Previous equipment experience preferred
  • Previous experience with progressive organization preferred
  • Ability to work well with others

Responsibilities include:
Quality Control

  • Ensure quality of drinks and foods offered regardless of time of day
  • Ensure cleanliness of facility and equipment
  • Maintain proper supplies of ingredients, paper supplies, cash, and other supplies
  • Maintain and coordinate compliance with state, federal, and organizational food safety standards and certificates / permits 

Training and Team Management

  • Recruit Staff
  • Hire Staff
  • Manage and hold staff accountable to standards laid out in the employee manual
  • Conduct staff  reviews 
  • Conduct Training: Espresso/prepared drinks, Equal Exchanges mission,  food/vendors, familiarity of POS systems
  • Supervision of assistant manager- including weekly meetings

Accounting and Money Handling

  • Record Daily Till 
  • Undertake Deposits and Receipts
  • Maintain Cash Register and Register Reports
  • Provide Recordkeeping
  • Control Costs: Labor, ingredients and supplies
  • Calculate and Report Profit and Loss

Facility Maintenance

  • Maintain Brewing Equipment and Service Contracts
  • Maintain Counter and Signage and Service Contracts
  • Ensure Cleaning and Renovations Accomplished
  • Undertake and/or Arrange Emergency Repairs
  • Advise, Obtain Approval, and Execute Equipment Purchasing Decisions
  • Research and setup accounts with new vendors as needed
  • Maintain product mix of food/non-food vendors

Promotion and Customer Service

  • Ensure Dependable Schedule of Hours/staffing
  • Execute Promotional Activities
  • Design Promotional Activities
  • Maintain up-to-date social media communications
  • Evaluation, coordination and tracking of events, coupons, donations and catering requests

Personnel and Fair Trade Development (5 hours)

  • Participate in staff, team, departmental and educational (Exchange Time) meetings
  • Understand Equal Exchange’s producer partners and trading model
  • Understand and participate effectively in our worker cooperative model
  • Flexibility to engage in other tasks as needed by the organization

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and responses to the following applications questions to 

Application Questions:

1.    What role do you think the Equal Exchange Café plays in the livelihood of small scale farmers that we support?

2.    Where would you like to see yourself and the Equal Exchange Café in 2 years, 5 years?

3.    Scenario: You are training two new baristas. The health inspector walks in for an unannounced check. The lines are long. A customer is getting irate about a drink mix up and is yelling at a barista. What do you do?

4.    What do you see as the main difference(s) between a café manager and an assistant manager?

5.    If you had to write a paragraph on the Equal Exchange Café website about why you are taking this position, what would you say?