Catholic Relief Services Partnership

Make a world of difference by joining faith and Fair Trade.

Serve your parish coffee, tea and chocolate that supports small farmers and CRS projects.

Serve the coffee that serves the farmers. Catholic parishes nationwide are supporting small farmers, living their values and serving the Church by offering fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate and more to their communities. Equal Exchange is proud to partner with Catholic Relief Services to help make a positive impact for farmer co-ops worldwide, and it all starts with your parish!

Connect with other Catholics

Join our network of over 600 Catholic parishes around the country that are making a difference through Fair Trade. Serving and selling fairly traded foods is an easy and meaningful way to support farmers while connecting with your local and worldwide Catholic community. Your parish will thank you!

Serve our delicious coffee, tea and cocoa at fellowship after Mass, in the rectory and at meetings.

Sell fairly traded, organic products at table sales, fundraising events or holiday bazaars.

Pictured above: Parishioners at St. Mary of the Angels, Roxbury, Massachusetts, conducting their regular sale of Equal Exchange products.

Connect with small farmers

Show solidarity with small farmers by choosing Fair Trade, which gives farmers fair and stable prices, affordable credit and supports community development and social programs.

Pictured: Cheryl Mrazik, CRS Staff Member, planting coffee seedlings with members of Las Colinas co-operative during an Equal Exchange delegation to El Salvador.

Stay informed and connected to farmers worldwide through Equal Exchange and Catholic Relief Services' blogs, videos and social media, with regular updates from the field.

Pictured Above: Attendees at a Fair Trade coffee tasting sponsored by Catholic Relief Services at the Ohio Fair Trade Expo at John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio.

Connect with our Catholic Relief Services partnership

Serve the Church by supporting Catholic Relief Services through your purchases of Fair Trade products. For every pound you buy, 15 cents goes toward the CRS Fair Trade Fund — amounting to $18,174.78 in 2015 alone!

Pictured Above: Fair Trade coffee team at St. Mary of the Angels, with Peter Buck, Equal Exchange staff member (center).

Make a difference today. Get involved!

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