Fundraising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I fundraise with Equal Exchange?
When you fundraise with Equal Exchange, you'll earn 40% profits with our face-to-face catalog ordering. Our fundraising catalog includes a selection of our best-selling organic and fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, gifts, and more!
Planning a table sale?
Receive wholesale pricing by creating an account for your organization on our web store, or by requesting a wholesale catalog.
What kind of profit margin does Equal Exchange offer?
You'll earn 40% profits with our face-to-face catalog ordering.
For event and table sales, you choose the retail prices and your profit margin! We recommend selling your products at 1.5x the cost that you purchased them for.
How much do the fundraising catalogs cost?
Catalogs and posters are free! Order forms and money envelopes are included with the catalogs.

Need a few more? Call or email our friendly Customer Service team at 774-776-7366 or
Can I receive samples to share with my group?
You may purchase our Organic Foods Variety Pack on our web store to share with your group and promote your fundraiser, or order it at a discount on your Catalog Agreement.
Do you offer promotional materials to help our group sell?
Yes! Find helpful tips and resources for your entire fundraiser on our Tips & Resources page.
How long do you recommend orders to be collected?
We recommend running your catalog fundraiser for three weeks total. Three weeks is long enough for each participant to have time to collect orders from friends and family, and short enough that they don't forget about it. To account for those folks who wait until the last minute, we recommend setting a deadline two weeks after distributing catalogs. Then, extend the deadline to the third week — you'll be glad to receive those late orders!
Can we fundraise year-round?
Yes! To receive more catalogs, please send an email to
Please note that shipping chocolate when temperatures are 70 degrees or more may incur an extra $10.00 insulation fee.
Can we still run an online fundraiser?
We no longer offer an online fundraising option. Over 90% of our customers raise money (at 40% profit) by using the catalog, so we think it makes sense to focus our energy on the option that works best for you all.
I have a small group or am an individual. Can I still do this fundraiser?
Yes — we are happy to accommodate small groups and individuals. When everyone is motivated to participate, small groups can be very successful!
Why did you decide to have a Fall version and a Spring version of the catalog this year?
This fall, we made some drastic changes to our fundraising program, including the discontinuation of crafts and our online store. To keep things fresh and exciting, we wanted to offer groups something new this spring. Our spring selection of themed gift items is designed to give you a more streamlined program that presents our products to your community in a new way, which we hope will make the fundraising experience easier and more fun for you and your participants.


I didn't order enough catalogs. Can I order more?
Yes! E-mail us at and let us know how many you need. We will ship them right away.
We did the fundraiser last year. How do we receive new catalogs?
Welcome back! To get started again, click here.
Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order.
Will Equal Exchange pack each student's order separately?
We ship your catalog order in bulk with paper shopping bags to help you sort and distribute products. This is the fastest and least expensive way!
We can pack your order by participant upon request. Click here to view fees and instructions for orders pre-packed by participant.
What is the turn-around time between placing our order & receiving it?
You will receive your order within 10 business days. If you request that we pre-pack your master order by participant, you will receive your order within 15 business days.
How much does shipping cost?
Continental US (Organizations)
Order Total Shipping Charge
$0 - $44.99 $7.95
$45 - $89.99 $9.95
$90 - $134.99 $12.95
Above $135 Free
Alaska & Hawaii (All Customers)
Order Total Shipping Charge
$0 - $44.99 $10
$45 - $89.99 $20
$90 - $134.99 $30
Above $135 Add $5 for every $45 increment above $135
Can we order other Equal Exchange products besides those listed in the catalog?
You may add-on products that are not listed in the fundraising catalog by asking for these products in the body of the email with your master order. However, you should be aware that there is a higher possibility that products not listed in the catalog will go out-of-stock. Also, you will only get the wholesale price for food products not listed in the catalog if you order these products by the case. Therefore we do not guarantee you will make a profit on these items.
Planning a table sale? Receive wholesale pricing by creating an account for your organization on our web store, or by requesting a wholesale catalog.
Can we still order from the Fall 2016 Catalog?
Yes, if you received the Fall 2016 Catalog and decided to postpone your fundraiser, you are more than welcome to use that catalog for your spring fundraiser. Just send an email to, so we can send you the correct order form.
Can we still order Ten Thousand Village items through Equal Exchange?
Unfortunately, we no longer offer Ten Thousand Villages items through our fundraiser or our wholesale web store. While we love Ten Thousand Villages and the wonderful Fair Trade crafts we have offered in partnership with them, we have decided to pare down our product selection to focus on what we do best: delicious fairly traded foods and drinks. We hope that a more streamlined offering will make the program stronger, easier to manage for you and us, and offer a more focused message about our small-scale farmer partners around the world.
If you would like to order their products, you may contact Ten Thousand Villages directly: 877-883-8341 or go to
We've collected all our orders. Can we place our final order by e-mail or phone?
Attach your master order form to an email and send it to If you must place your order via phone, please call before 4PM EST Monday-Friday. Be ready to provide item totals and item codes.
When do we receive our profits?
With a catalog fundraiser, you receive profits as you go! At the end of your catalog sale, once you receive your order, your group sends payment to Equal Exchange for the wholesale cost of the products only. You keep the difference between the wholesale cost and the prices listed in the catalog upfront.

Food Facts

Are the chocolate bars without nuts processed in the same facility as those with nuts?
Most of our 80g (2.8 oz) chocolate bars are made in Switzerland and are made in a facility and on equipment that also processes hazelnuts and almonds. There are no peanuts present in the facility, but because of the severity of peanut allergies and the risk of cross-contamination before ingredients arrive at our facility, they are listed on the allergen statement. It reads: "May contain milk, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds & coconut."
The only bar where nuts is listed in the ingredients is our Dark Chocolate with Almonds. Our old Milk Chocolate Bar with a Hint of Hazelnut has recently changed and it no longer contains hazelnuts.
Do you have a Kosher-only fundraiser?
Currently, we do not offer a Kosher-only fundraiser — but most of our products are certified Kosher. Click here for a list of the products that are Kosher certified in our fundraising catalog.


Is Equal Exchange Fundraising an environmentally friendly fundraiser?
Yes! Equal Exchange Fundraising offers organic & Fair Trade foods and gifts and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional fundraisers.
Organic farming practices ensure no chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of most Equal Exchange products — which protects the farmers, the surrounding environment, birds and other wildlife, as well as the people who enjoy these products. Over 98% of Equal Exchange coffees are certified organic by volume. The overwhelming majority of these organic coffees are shade grown. Some of the coffees that are not are produced in locales where deforestation has already occurred. The land in these areas is in transition; it is in the process of being restored with agro-forestry systems using coffee as the principal crop. From our perspective, shade grown certification does not significantly alter the practices of farms that are already Fair Trade and organic certified.
Fair Trade principles also encourage sustainable farming practices so that farmers are able to remain on their land and enjoy productive harvests. Additionally, many of our farmer partners are involved diversification projects and other environmentally-focused projects within their communities.
Do you have lesson plans for teachers about Fair Trade or chocolate co-operatives?
Yes, our curriculum for grades 4 – 9, Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics, is available online to download one unit at a time. You can find additional educational resources on our For Your Classroom page.
Where do Equal Exchange's profits go?

The ‘Short Answer’:

For every $1.00 Equal Exchange receives through our product sales, typically 97 to 98 cents goes back out through:

  • coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, etc. purchases from over 75 farmer co-ops around the world
  • debt payments for our buildings and equipment
  • payroll
  • shipping (over $1,000,000 every year)
  • taxes
  • and the basic expenses born by every importer, manufacturer, or wholesaler

Of the remaining 2 to 3 cents:

  • 10% is donated to non-profits or mission driven co-ops working to advance the Fair Trade and co-op movements.
  • 35% is divided equally amongst the worker-owners, regardless of rank or seniority.
  • The remaining 55% gets reinvested in the company to enable us to keep growing the enterprise and connect yet more farmers with more consumers.

Read the ‘Long Answer’ here.