How it Works

How it Works

When you fundraise with Equal Exchange, you join hundreds of communities who are raising money by offering outstanding coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, olive oil and handcrafted gifts to their communities — all while supporting small-scale farmers and artisans around the world.

You'll earn 40% profits with our face-to-face catalog ordering. Reach friends and family outside your community with a customized online store and earn 25% profits. Earn the most by doing both! Get everyone involved and the sky is the limit for your profits.

Catalog Fundraising

Start your fundraiser by requesting free catalogs, complete with order forms and money envelopes for all your participants. You can also request promotional posters and specially-priced packs of organic foods to sample and gifts to display for your community.

We recommend running your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. Submit your master order form with payment for the wholesale cost of the products only — you keep the profit upfront! Then, we’ll ship one bulk order to you, with guaranteed delivery within 10 business days. Shipping is free over $135! And there’s no risk — you buy only what you sell.

Get Started

Catalog Fundraising in 8 Steps

  1. Request free catalogs & posters
  2. Distribute catalogs & a letter to parents
  3. Promote, promote, promote! (Tip: share chocolate!)
  4. Collect, check and compile orders (after 2-3 weeks of selling)
  5. Submit master order form
  6. Receive your bulk order within 10 business days
  7. Check and distribute your products
  8. Celebrate your success!

Online Fundraising

When your register for an online fundraiser, everyone can participate! We recommend doing an online fundraiser along with your catalog fundraiser to earn the most profit. Long distance friends and family can shop on your group’s personalized online store, get convenient home delivery and earn your group 25% profit on each order. Your customers will enjoy all the products from the catalog, plus much more!

Register your online fundraiser for the fall (September-December) or spring (January-May) and receive a profit check each month that your profits reach $25 or more. If sales are less than $25, your profits will roll over to the next month until they reach $25 or until the end of the fundraising season.

Want to extend your fundraiser? Great! Just send an e-mail to and let us know.

To register for an online fundraiser, you will need to submit a tax-exempt number, tax-exempt certificate, or a complete W-9 form for tax reporting purposes. Please have this on hand, as we cannot set up your fundraiser without it.

Returning customer? Welcome back! We have your tax form on file, so simply fill out the registration form to get started.

Get Started

Planning a table sale? Receive wholesale pricing by creating an account for your organization on our web store, or by requesting a wholesale catalog.