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  • We know you work hard — but it's easy to make a difference. With Equal Exchange, you can do a little more good in the world just by taking a coffee break. And you'll love every minute.

    Support small farmer co-operatives, an equitable trade system and a healthier planet by sharing fairly traded, organic coffee, tea and snacks with your office.

    We offer a comprehensive beverage and food program for offices large and small, featuring an array of delicious, high-quality products. Bring the best of small farms to your workplace with our wide selection of expertly roasted coffee, fine teas and snacks for every taste.

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    There is nothing better than that great cup of coffee....and realizing I am also helping the farmers and their families who grew it. My office has even shipped Equal Exchange coffee to a hotels for our meetings and asked them to serve it so we get to drink it on the road and share it with others.
    Karen Rathbun, Director, Facilities
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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  • Why Equal Exchange for you at work?

    Equal Exchange has been providing customers with globally-minded coffee, tea and snacks for over 25 years. Our experienced, friendly customer service team is ready to get your program going and suited to your specific needs. We provide equipment, training and continuous support to ensure that you get the most out of our excellent product line.

    Plus, you'll learn about the people and places behind those products, connecting your office to small-scale farming communities around the world.

  • Amy Robertson

    At home I've been an Equal Exchange coffee-drinker for many years. I'm very enthusiastic about their mission, but also enjoy seriously good, dark coffee. It's been a pleasure to support small farmers by drinking great coffee. I make sure to order coffee each month so I never, ever, ever, ever, come even close to running out of their organic French Roast.

    I'm one of the Executive Directors of a small non-profit, and we use a Keurig® machine at the office. It avoids wasted coffee — or the awful fate of the person forced to drink the last cup from a pot that has been sitting there all morning — and lets everyone choose their roast or flavor.

    I've been hoping that Equal Exchange would start selling single-serve cups so I (and my dark-coffee-loving colleagues) could drink Equal Exchange French Roast at work. I was so pleased to learn that Equal Exchange single-serve cups will be coming soon, and will include both French Roast and other choices. We're looking forward to stocking our little Keurig® coffee drawer with Equal Exchange.

    Amy Robertson
    Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center
    Denver, CO

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