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You love good coffee. You care about the environment and the people who grow our food. You work hard, and you want to make a difference.

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Great news: you can bring Equal Exchange's fairly traded and organic coffee, tea, cocoa and snacks to your office without breaking your budget. With a wholesale office account, you and your coworkers will enjoy better coffee at a better price, no matter how you brew in the break room: from Keurigs* to traditional coffee pots to commercial brewers. (And it's easier than sending the intern on a coffee run.)

Plus, we offer small farmer-grown organic teas, cocoa and tasty snacks (from Organic Dried Mango to Small Farmer Trail Mix) to keep your office buzzing.

It's coffee that makes a difference, both around the world and in your workplace.

*Equal Exchange is not affiliated with KEURIG, Inc. "KEURIG®" and "K-CUP®" are registered trademarks of KEURIG, Inc.

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“I sampled an Equal Exchange single serve cup against some other cups in our office and it blew them away. Other single serve cups taste like wet cardboard. Equal Exchange tastes like fresh coffee!”

Michael Reinhardt, Engineer