Fair Trade Halloween

Fair Trade Halloween

Believe it or not... chocolate can be scary!

Every year, Americans spend over a billion dollars on millions of pounds of Halloween chocolate. Where does all that chocolate come from, and who grows it? The answer might scare you!

Watch our video to find out...

The conventional chocolate industry is not fair. But we can change that.

Fair Trade chocolate companies like Equal Exchange pay farmers a fair price for their cacao, which helps them support their families, care for the environment and invest in their futures. We visit our farmer partners often and can verify that no forced child labor was involved in the growing of our cacao. That's how it should be.

Change the chocolate trade! Choose Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween.

Get Your Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate

Our bite-sized, organic Milk and Dark Chocolate Minis are perfect for trick-or-treaters. Order your Halloween Kit to receive a box of 150 Minis plus illustrated info cards that will help you share the importance of Fair Trade chocolate with kids and adults!

Order by October 21st to get yours in time for Halloween.

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