Fast Facts


Equal Exchange is the leading Fair Trade brand of food and beverages in the United States.


We offer one of the world's largest selections of fairly traded coffee: 79 choices (SKUs), including 16 distinct single-origin coffees, 41 certified organic coffees, and 6 different package sizes from 1.5 oz to 5 lbs.

Tea, chocolate, bananas & other products

  • 14 organic fairly traded bagged teas - 96% sourced from small farmer co-operatives
  • Organic fairly traded hot cocoa mix & spicy hot cocoa mix
  • Organic fairly traded baking cocoa powder
  • 9 organic fairly traded 3.5 oz chocolate bars & chocolate "minis"
  • 3 organic fairly traded 1.4 oz candy bars
  • Organic fairly traded sugar packets
  • 6 types of organic fairly traded dried fruits & nuts
  • Organic fairly traded bananas
  • Organic fairly traded extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 fairly traded "Geobars", 50% Fair Trade content

Commitment to Farmers and Fair Trade

  • First U.S. food or beverage company to adopt the international Fair Trade standards (1991)
  • Fair Trade Certification ― 100% of our coffee, cocoa, chocolate, sugar and bananas are certified Fair Trade.
    • In 2013 Equal Exchange became one of the first coffee companies in the world to embrace and utilize the "SPP", aka the "Small Producers Symbol". The SPP system is a Fair Trade labeling system established and run by the CLAC, the Latin American network of small farmer Fair Trade organizations. SPP-required minimum prices for green coffee are 16-38% higher than that demanded by Fair Trade USA or Fair Trade International ($2.20/lb vs. $1.60 or $1.90/lb). Unlike Fair Trade USA the SPP program does not grant eligibility to large scale plantations.
  • Credit―In 1995 Equal Exchange became one of the first U.S. coffee importers to actively provide pre-harvest credit to the small farmer co-operatives. In 2012 we helped provide over $2,000,000 in affordable credit to our coffee farmer partners.
  • Fair Trade Premiums paid over the conventional coffee market from 2000 through 2012: $10,000,000+
  • Fairly traded coffee imported in 2012: 6,975,000 pounds
  • Number of small coffee farmer co-op partners: 23 co-ops in 12 countries
  • (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Indonesia)
  • Other farmer relationships ― Equal Exchange purchases fairly traded tea, cocoa, bananas and other foods and ingredients from approximately 50 small farmer co-ops in 20 countries or territories:
    Latin America: El Salvador (cashews), Dominican Republic (cocoa), Panama (cocoa), Peru (cocoa & bananas), Ecuador (cocoa & bananas), Chile (raisins, honey, blueberries), Paraguay (sugar)
    Africa: Burkina Faso (mango), Uganda (pineapple), Zambia (sugar), South Africa (rooibos), Madagascar (vanilla), Egypt (chamomile & peppermint)
    Middle East: Palestinian occupied territories/West Bank (olive oil)
    Asia: Pakistan (apricots), India (tea & cashews), Sri Lanka (tea), Thailand (rice),
    Global North: France (sea salt), U.S. (California almonds, Washington peppermint)

Commitment To Organics

  • 95% of the 7 million pounds of coffee we import annually is certified organic, making Equal Exchange one of the nation's largest purveyors of organic coffee.
  • 100% of our black tea, herbal teas, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, bananas, apricots, pineapple, mangoes, olive oil, and cashews are certified organic.
  • In 2007 Equal Exchange worked with others to successfully overturn a USDA ruling and protect U.S. market access for hundreds of thousands of small-scale organic farmers around the world.

Company Statistics & Financial Data

  • Average annual growth, 1986-2012: 28.7%
  • 2012 Sales: $51,046,000
  • Full-time employees: 146 (136 full time + 10 "full time equivalents")
  • Members* of our worker cooperative: 100
    (*Employees must work one year before becoming eligible to join)

Equal Exchange is one of the largest worker cooperatives in the United States, and the world’s largest worker-owned coffee roaster.


  • West Bridgewater, Massachusetts (HQ)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (café)
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington (café)