Green Coffee Buyer

1. Job Description:

The position is focused around frequent international travel to work with producer partners around several nodes of interest to the green coffee team at Equal Exchange; physical acquisition of coffee, improvements in our shared value chains and relationship building.  Extensive travel is required.  The buyer will work closely with the quality control and purchasing teams.  

  • Employment Status: Full-time, regular exempt position on worker-owner track
  • Hours: 40-45 hrs per week
  • Starting Salary: TBD
  • Benefits: Health/dental/vision insurance coverage, vacations, holidays, sick days, eligibility for worker ownership
  • Department: Purchasing
  • Reports to: Director of Purchasing
  • Responsible for: Purchasing
  • Based in: West Bridgewater, MA
2. Qualifications:
  • An interest in the mission of Equal Exchange
  • Bi-Lingual Spanish/English.  High level of fluency required
  • Cupping/sample roasting experience preferred
  • Strong communicator; written and oral
  • Ability to work in teams and alone
  • Understanding of Global Trading Institutions, commodity markets and certifications systems
  • International experience required
  • Physically able to withstand difficult travel conditions, including high altitudes
3. Responsibilities: 
  • Negotiate and process contracts with coffee suppliers
  • Work with marketing teams to develop content about producer partners
  • Maintain documentation for supply chain audits (financial, social and organic)
  • Perform supply chain audits
  • Visit Producer groups, International Travel 50%-75%
  • Maintain responsible relationships with suppliers
  • Negotiate and process financing agreements
  • Process sample approval and shipping logistics
  • Ensure and improve contract compliance
  • Other tasks associated with Import of green coffee 
  • Support quality improvement initiatives with partners
  • Support development activities of EE and producer partners
  • Social media outreach to our producer partners
  • Other tasks and projects as needed.

Personnel & Worker Ownership/Fair Trade Development 

  • Participate in staff, team, department, and educational (Exchange Time) meetings.
  • Understand our producer partners, trading policies, and the Fair Trade movement.
  • Understand and participate effectively in our worker cooperative model.
To Apply: 
  1. Please send your cover letter, resume and answers to the following questions to by Jan. 29, 2018
  2. Describe a trying or difficult situation you experienced while in a foreign country. 
  3. What are the most common challenges in working with small farmer supply chains in a purchasing relationship?
  4. Imagine that there is a cooperative that Equal Exchange has been buying from for several years, however, we have decided to end the relationship due to poor business performance. What do you do and why?