Church of the Brethren

Started in 2002, the Church of the Brethren Coffee Project is a collaboration between Equal Exchange and the Church of the Brethren to involve more Brethren communities and individuals in supporting small farmers around the world.

For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and foods Brethren purchase through the Coffee Project, 20 cents per pound goes to the Project's Small Farmer Fund. That amounted to $932.37 in 2017.

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Church of the Brethren

The central emphasis of the Church of the Brethren is a commitment to follow Christ in simple obedience, to be faithful disciples in the modern world. As do most other Christians, the Brethren believe in God as Creator and loving Sustainer. They emphasize the principles of peace and reconciliation, simple living, integrity of speech, family values, and service to neighbors near and far. The Global Food Initiative (GFI) is the primary way that the Church of the Brethren assists hungry people in developing food security. Since 1983, GFI has raised over $8,000,000 for community development projects in numerous countries around the globe. GFI seeks to: invest in small-scale economic development; join efforts to improve diet and health practices; champion soil conservation; and promote awareness-raising and advocacy on hunger issues. Visit for more information on these projects.

Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade organization that buys directly from small-scale farmer cooperatives, owned and run by the farmers themselves. Because our farmer partners are paid above market prices for their crops, they are able to make investments in community projects, educational programs, and technical trainings. These cooperative organizations also help keep rural communities healthy and strong, and keep local cultures vibrant. Equal Exchange is also committed to supporting sustainable farming methods that help green the earth through reforestation, natural resource conservation and organic practices.

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