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Started in 2004, the UCC Fair Trade Project is a collaboration between Equal Exchange and the United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries to involve more Congregational churches and individuals in supporting small farmers around the world.

For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and foods purchased through the UCC Fair Trade Project, 15 cents per pound goes to the Justice and Witness Ministries' Small Farmer Fund. That Fund amounted to $6,644.89 in 2015 alone!

Small Farmer Fund contributions were used to support the Small Farm Project at the UCC Franklinton Center at Bricks. This project supports a farmers market held at FCAB where local small farmers sell their produce and local residents purchaseaffordable fresh vegetables and fruits. FCAB is located in eastern North Carolina in an area where many people are in poor health, experience food insecurity, and have poor access to healthy foods. The Small Farm Project is part of a comprehensive approach to community economic development, environmental education, social justice, and health.

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UCC Justice and Witness Ministries

The Justice and Witness Ministries is one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ. It helps local congregations and all settings of the church respond to God's commandments to do justice, seek peace and effect change for a better world. The work of Justice and Witness Ministries is guided by the pronouncements and resolutions approved by the United Church of Christ General Synod.

Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade organization that buys directly from small-scale farmer cooperatives, owned and run by the farmers themselves. Because our farmer partners are paid above market prices for their crops, they are able to make investments in community projects, educational programs, and technical trainings. These cooperative organizations also help keep rural communities healthy and strong, and keep local cultures vibrant. Equal Exchange is also committed to supporting sustainable farming methods that help green the earth through reforestation, natural resource conservation and organic practices.

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