Who are the farmers that benefit from sales of Equal Exchange cocoa & chocolate?

We source from small farmer organizations because we believe they are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement.
Through partnership with co-ops, small-scale farmers gain crucial market access they wouldn’t have otherwise. The co-ops are democratically run by the farmers, so that together they decide how to invest in their communities. When they work together as a co-op, they become owners of a business. They have economic and political control over their lives. They have access to quality trainings and processing equipment. And, they can positively influence their communities by investing in school supplies, women’s programs, clean drinking wells, or other social development projects.
100g Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Minis
The cacao in our 100g bars and minis is grown with care by small-scale farmer co-operatives in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama and Peru. The sugar and vanilla in our 100g chocolate bars and chocolate minis are also fairly traded and organic. The sugar comes from small-scale farmer co-ops in Paraguay and the vanilla from a co-op in Madagascar. 
The cacao in our Organic Hot Cocoa Mix, Organic Spicy Cocoa, and Organic Baking Cocoa is grown by the farmers of CONACADO co-operative in the Dominican Republic. We’ve partnered with CONACADO for over 10 years, and now buy the cocoa powder direction from their farmer-owned manufacturing facility. The sugar in the Organic Hot Cocoa Mix and Organic Spicy Cocoa is from Manduvira co-op in Paraguay. Manduvira recently became the first farmer-owned sugar mill in Paraguay, giving them control over the final sugar product – a radical shift in the sugar industry. 
Candy Bars
The cacao in our candy bars comes from small-scale farmer co-ops in Peru, such as CACVRA, ACOPAGRO, and Oro Verde. The sugar also comes from Manduvira co-op in Paraguay. The milk comes from Organic Valley dairy co-operative in the U.S.
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