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These stand-out offerings allow the coffee curious to explore the best tastes of the season. Dive into the flavors and the stories that highlight how our sourcing relationships are bearing (delicious) fruit. Contact your sales representative to find out more about ordering these coffees.


Fruity and complex with raisin, cocoa, and fig. 

ORIGIN: Caldas, Colombia  
VARIETALS: Variedad Colombia, Typica, Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1350-1800 MASL 
ROAST: Medium

Crescendo is part of our Women in Coffee Series. Learn more

Available through March 2017. 

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Cold Brew

This post-roast blend of three origins creates a dense and creamy flavor experience filled with layers of chocolate and ripe berries.

CO-OPS: Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Gumutindo & SOPACDI
ORIGINS: Ethiopia, Uganda & D.R. Congo
VARIETALS: Bourbon, SL-14 & SL-28
ROAST: Full City

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Queen Bee Espresso Series: Abela Galuko

The Queen Bee spirit is one of experimentation, uniqueness and freshness. Get each Queen Bee espresso only when it's in season and only while it lasts. 

CO-OP: Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
ORIGIN: SNNPR, Ethiopia 
VARIETAL: 74112 and a wide range of heirloom, Ethiopian cultivars
ELEVATION: 1,750 meters
ROAST: Medium