Bird of Paradise

Chiapas, Mexico | July-Oct 2013


Our Biosphere Reserve Series showcases coffee from some of the most wondrous and wild corners of the globe, and helps to keep them that way!

The farmers of CESMACH cultivate coffee in the buffer zone surrounding El Triunfo, a lush, dynamic park that is a designated UN Biosphere Reserve.

The park contains many vastly different micro-ecosystems within it, and the park’s existence leads to inspiring things, from providing a home for endangered wildlife to capturing 10% of all of Mexico's rainfall, which in turn supports farming, industry and generation of electricity.

In addition to strict organic practices, the CESMACH farmers use many other natural techniques that nurture the health of the soil and that invest in the quality of the coffee beans. Equal Exchange helped fund a detailed soil analysis project that will sustainably improve farm yields. The next step in the project is to construct a regional composting facility to continue to systemically enrich both the soil and the coffee trees.

Learn more about El Triunfo here:


Chiapas, Mexico

Typica, Bourbon and Caturra

1150-1600 MASL

Full City

A smooth cup with flavors of malted chocolate and fresh citrus.

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