Bird of Paradise

Chiapas, Mexico | Sept 2014 - Jan 2015


Environmental respect comes naturally for the farmers of CESMACH.

It is such a core value that it is most dramatically seen not in a single environmental project, but rather as a constant thread throughout their farming, processing, and even in their planning.

As a coffee farming community that buffers the UN designated biosphere reserve El Triunfo, the co-op thrives in partnership with the surrounding ecosystem. The farmers rely on the biosphere’s health for their water, pollinators (bees, insects, animals), and the rich soil to grow specialty coffee. In turn, the co-op is a steward of the biosphere, one of the few businesses allowed to farm within the buffer zone.
The current coffee tree plague known as Coffee Leaf Rust (or La Roya in Spanish) has reached CESMACH and is reducing the plant health and harvest quantity. To address this reality, they have created a 4 Year Plan.

As with everything they tackle, this plan prioritizes the role of environmental protection. Rejecting approaches that would clear cut and simply plant more coffee or different coffee trees, CESMACH is instead embracing the approach of farming smarter. The plan strives to:

  • increase yields
  • improve plant health
  • maintain high quality varietals that they are known for

… and all this all through the lens of protecting the surrounding environment. For CESMACH, the health of the surrounding environment is not a lofty ideal, it is a necessity for the continued health of their business and their community.

Learn more about El Triunfo here:

Our Biosphere Reserve Series showcases coffee from some of the most wondrous and wild corners of the globe, and helps to keep them that way!


Chiapas, Mexico

Typica, Bourbon and Caturra

1150-1600 MASL


PROFILE:Balanced and smooth with aromas of caramel and brown spice and flavors of chocolate, raisin and caramel.

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