Eight Rivers

El Salvador | June - September 2015



Our Biosphere Reserve Series showcases coffee from some of the most wondrous and wild corners of the globe and helps to keep them that way! 

Farming organically is an opportunity and a challenge, and the farmers of Las Colinas have the added responsibility of farming alongside one of El Salvador’s last remaining tropical forests. Las Colinas is in the buffer zone of El Imposible, a National Park full of important resources that flora, fauna, and fellow humans rely upon.

Part of the complex business of running a coffee co-operative is to focus on both the current and future harvests. The co-op’s income is dependent in large part upon how much coffee they can cultivate on their fixed amount of land.

Las Colinas has successfully implemented their key goals this year, including:

  • A farmer exchange to the COMSA co-op in Honduras. Members participated in farm tours and in both technical and philosophical discussions that have influenced their farming practices.
  • Farm renovations. Farmers uprooted older trees to plant seedlings. New trees can take 3 or more years to produce coffee, so this is a long-term investment in how much a given farm can produce—and in improving the quality of the coffee that it produces. This year Las Colinas succeeded in planting a massive amount of new trees: 104,000!

This year’s harvest amount increased significantly. Both that success and the quality of the coffee caused fist pumps and cheers in our quality lab. We hope it sparks the same for you.

This is a sweet coffee with subtle fruit and a soft and creamy mouthfeel.

To read more about the farmer exchange between Las Colinas and COMSA, read our Green Coffee Buyer Carly’s field reports on our blog:



Las Colinas

El Salvador

Paca & Bourbon

1,000-1,300 MASL


Aromas of caramel and citrus with flavors of cooked apple and malt.

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