Eight Rivers

El Salvador | May-July 2014

Organic Eight Rivers coffee is a tangible result of the reciprocal relationship between the farmers of Las Colinas and the surrounding ecosystem. 

That ecosystem is spectacular. The farming community buffers El Salvador’s National Park called El Imposible, “The Impossible.” The park is a lush, tropical forest teeming with wildlife.

This protected, rich environment provides a phenomenal foundation from which to grow specialty coffee. It also inspires in the farmers an awareness of how their actions may impact—negatively or positively—a communal natural resource.

Farm productivity is intimately linked with the health of any farming business. A lot can influence how much good quality coffee can be produced on a fixedsize plot of land. 

Las Colinas is aiming to produce 25-35% more coffee per year through a combination of complimentary—and sustainable—methods:

  • Improving the production and application of organic fertilizers
  • Farm renovation: removing older trees and planting young trees which, in time, will produce more coffee cherries
  • Participating in a farmer exchange with other Central American co-ops, focusing on the role of naturally occurring micro organisms

Las Colinas members’ commitment to sustainability helps enrich the soil and protect surrounding waterways. In turn, more productive farms will directly improve the farmers’ livelihood. Through this thoughtful work, coffee is the means to simultaneously preserve the ecosystem and advance small farmers’ livelihoods.

To learn more: 

The Grind (PDF)

Las Colinas

El Salvador

Paca & Bourbon

1,000-1,300 MASL

Light Medium

Aromas of caramel and citrus with flavors of tart cherry and milk chocolate, and a light refreshing mouthfeel. 

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