Los Cuernos del Diablo

Caldas, Colombia | July-Oct 2013

Photo: Angelica Arroyave Cordoba preparing a cupping in the ASPROCAFE Ingruma Quality Lab in Caldas, Colombia.


This is one of those coffees that screams summertime: juicy, winey, tart and sweet.

This year's Los Cuernos del Diablo - or, "Horns of the Devil" - is a limited 39-bag lot of coffee that has been specifically selected as part of a new organic microlot project developed exclusively for Equal Exchange, and led by Angelica Arroyave Cordoba, the ASPROCAFE Ingruma co-op’s Lead Cupper and certified Q Grader.

This project aims to:

  • Encourage organic cultivation
  • Identify and recognize the best micro lots
  • Provide targeted, relevant technical assistance to participating farmers

Each coffee producer out of the 220 who are in the co-op's organic coffee program has their coffee cupped and graded by Angelica. She takes meticulous notes, looking for high levels of sweetness, distinctive flavors and zesty acidity and provides the cupping results to Equal Exchange and back to the producers. This feedback loop between producer and importer/roaster is crucial not only for understanding and appreciating the intricacies of each grower's coffee but also to ensure consistent quality improvements and environmental impacts and initiatives for years to come.

This is a fantastic summer coffee – sweet and refreshing. We recommend brewing it up on a Chemex to highlight the strawberry sweetness and bright acidity.

Learn more about ASPROCAFE Ingruma and Angelica's story here:


Caldas, Colombia

Variedad Colombia, Typica, Bourbon

1350-1800 MASL

Light medium

Sweet, winey and full of dried cherries—with a tart acidity and juicy mouthfeel.

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