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Los Cuernos del Diablo

Caldas, Colombia | January-March 2015

For such a well-known country for coffee, Colombia has a surprisingly small amount or organic coffee.

Los Cuernos del Diablo—or “Horns of the Devil”—is the result of a collaboration between Equal Exchange and the co-op ASPROCAFE Ingruma, showcasing what organic Colombian coffee can be. 

“Organic” is much more than just a label, and growing organic coffee in today’s Colombian landscape has serious challenges including lower yields and increased vulnerability to many pests and fungi, including Coffee Leaf Rust.

Our response: a program to both support organic farmers and their advances in coffee quality. The 205 farmers in this ASPROCAFE Ingruma program receive technical assistance from the co-op’s trained agronomists. At harvest time, they submit their coffee harvest to the co-op’s Lead Cupper and Certified Q Grader, Angelica Arroyave Cordoba. She scores the coffees and offers detailed results and feedback. There are economic incentives to not only meet rigorous organic standards, but also quality ones. Coffees that score 85 points or more (out of a possible 100) receive an additional premium of 1000 Colombian pesos(around 50 cents) per pound.

Angelica is a powerhouse in her own right. She was one of the early participants in our Cooperation in Quality program, which focuses on collaborative learning exchanges between our staff and the Quality teams of our farmer partners. Angelica has participated in many trainings and events with us— including a Pop-Up Pour-Over Bar in Boston—and has continued to push herself in her profession. She just won Colombia’s national cupping competition. Next year in June she will battle the other national champs in the world cupping competition in Sweden. 

Angelica and the farmers that she works with at ASPROCAFE Ingruma are living proof that small-scale farmers enrich the soil, their communities, and the competitive coffee culture scene.

We recommend brewing Los Cuernos up on a Chemex to highlight the sweetness and bright acidity.


Learn more about ASPROCAFE Ingruma and Angelica's story here:


Caldas, Colombia

Variedad Colombia, Typica, Bourbon

1350-1800 MASL

Light medium

Sweet, light and refreshing, with lots of lemon, tart green apple, pomegranate, and hints of clove, brown sugar and almond.

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