Queen Bee Espresso #4: Telamo

Shebedino Woreda, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia | July-Oct 2013



Our Queen Bee Espresso Series introduces a seasonal dimension to our espresso line offerings.

Our Quality Control and Roasting teams not only cup everything we produce, they also cup the preharvest samples we receive from our farmer partners. This preview of the green coffee allows our Espresso team to snatch up coffees that will shine when specifically roasted for and prepared as espresso.

This particular Queen Bee offering, from the Telamo Cooperative in Ethiopia’s Sidama Zone, delights us with its intense fruity, berry flavors and sweet, clean finish. Not only does it shine on its own, but pairs especially well with milk in a cappuccino or cortado.

We recommend dosing and pulling at the following specifications:

  • 201 degrees
  • 20 gram dose
  • 20 seconds

Learn more about our Ethiopian partners here:

Telamo Co-operative

Shebedino Woreda, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

74112, Buni, and heirloom, longberry varietals

1888 MASL

Light Medium (Extended Caramelization)

Extremely fragrant and flavorful, full of triple berry, butter & spice.

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