Queen Bee Espresso #5: Lennon

Finca El Esfuerzo, Las Flores, Marcala, Honduras | Nov - Feb 2014

Photo: (L) A late evening view of Marcala, Honduras and the surrounding area. (R) Justin Enis in Quality Control pulling shots of Queen Bee 5: Lennon


As the leaves begin to change colors and the cooler months descend upon us, we are excited to introduce this new espresso in our Queen Bee Series.

This offering is from producer Lennon Diaz in the Las Flores region of Honduras. It is perfect for the cooler weather of the changing season, pairing silky buttery sweetness with tart cherry and refined lemon.

Our Green Buyer, Carly, visited COMSA in October and met up with Lennon Diaz to learn more about him and his 4-acre farm, Finca El Esfuerzo. His story is interesting and unique. After years working in a bank, Lennon took over the farm from his father. He describes his surprise when early on in farming, two of his microlots scored 87 points. Discovering that he had great coffee on his hands inspired him to delve into learning more about specialty coffee farming. He has made coffee quality a priority and is now studying to be a cupper with the hope of continuing to broaden the tradition of quality coffee in Marcala.

We first enjoyed a pre-shipment of this coffee this past June and knew right away that it would shine as an espresso. We enjoy it best as a straight-up espresso or a traditional macchiato.

Carly was struck by COMSA’s members’ Renaissance way of farming, integrating philosophy, creativity and agriculture. Here are some of the innovative projects currently in practice at COMSA:

  • Farm renovations: replacing trees and converting more of their production to organic. This will likely result in 10% less yield this year, with anticipated future benefits to yields, quality, and farm health.
  • Processing experimentation: testing 4 different fermentation methods to compare results.
  • Collaborative approach to food security: members cultivate both coffee and an additional crop. At a big monthly open organic market, members – and the wider community – then have access to the variety of crops grown within the co-op.
Lennon Diaz on his farm in Marcala, Honduras.

(Café Organico de Marcala, S.A.)

Finca El Esfuerzo
Las Flores
Marcala, Honduras


1680 MASL


Hyper sweet and silky, bursting with tart cherry, refined lemon and a buttery aftertaste.

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