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Summer Seasonal

Nicaragua | June - September 2015



We tasked our Quality Team to find a coffee offering that would be fit for the season: super sweet, light and floral. They delivered. 

This Summer Seasonal comes from long-time partner Prodecoop in Nicaragua. And by long-time partner, we mean looong-time partner. As in, we’ve been working together for over a quarter century. Prodecoop was our first trading partner, helping to convert our vision into the first few steps of reality.

It seems fitting that a group that was at the forefront of organic, fair trade, cooperative farming is still at the forefront of social and environmental change. Prodecoop is a member of Café Nica, an umbrella organization of several key coffee-growing co-ops in Nicaragua. They are spending a significant amount of time and energy researching the expected impact of climate change on the farmers of Nicaragua.

As recent years have already shown, climate change has disrupted once-predictableweather patterns in coffee growing communities. This threatens everything from a particular harvest in a given year to the very viability of coffee farming as a livelihood for the next generation. It also begs the question: where will coffee be able to be grown in the future?

While the questions at the core of this work are sobering, and the future still uncertain, the work of these farmers is inspiring. While think-tanks and international groups and coalitions are also investigating climate change, these farmers are tackling this work from the ground up.

By supporting these farmers and drinking this coffee, you’re giving us all a fighting chance to work together for another quarter century!

This Summer Seasonal is a bright and refreshing cup with notes of lemon.

Read about the most recent staff and customer delegation to Prodecoop:




1,100-1,200 MASL

Light Medium

Light and juicy with a floral aroma and bright flavors of lemon and apricot. 

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