Church Coffee Hour How To

How to Serve Equal Exchange at your Church Coffee Hour

Equal Exchange offers churches an affordable way to host a missioned based coffee hour. Follow these easy steps and you can bring high quality, tasty and affordable fair trade products that support small farmers to your congregation today!

Excite Your Community:

Talk to your pastor and fellowship committee about serving Equal Exchange Coffee at your church coffee hour. By serving Equal Exchange coffee at your church coffee hour, you gain:

  • a fun way to express your values though your church fellowship time
  • a direct and positive impact on farming families and forest areas all around the world
  • delicious fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and other fair foods at whole sale pricing

Choose your Coffee:

Hosting your church's coffee hour is easy! You don't need anything special to serve our coffee.

  • If you have a percolator, our fellowship blend is the choice for you. Our fellowship blend is our same high quality coffee beans ground to a courser grind specifically designed to bring out the best flavor when brewed in a percolator.
  • If you have a pour-over brewer, we offer 10 & 12-oz bags and 14oz cans of coffee in drip grind as well as pillow packs. Our pillow packs are pre-ground and pre-portioned to suit a 12 cup drip brewer and a good choice for if you people in your congregation take turns making coffee. They are available in multiple sizes depending on your preference in coffee strength. Our Pillow Pack Sampler ($10) can also be used as an economical way to get a small sample of Equal Exchange coffee.

We also offer many other serving supplies such as airpot labels, sugar packets, stirrers, and syrups. All our products are available to congregations at wholesale pricing making Equal Exchange an economical choice for coffee hours of all sizes.

Plan Ahead:

Plan ahead for how much coffee you will need.

For a percolator:

Cold Water Fellowship Blend
10 Servings 10 Table Tablespoons (5/8 of a cup)
30 Servings 2 Cups
55 Servings 3 Cups
100 Servings 6 Cups (one 1-lb package)


For a drip brewer:

Per 12-cup pot
One Pillow Pack or 1 cup of ground coffee

Place your First Order:

We have three convenient ways for you to order for your church and receive wholesale pricing:

  1. Go to and place your order instantly online! Create an account for your organization and login to view our wholesale pricing. Opt in for a subscription and coffees, teas, cocoas and more will be delivered automatically on a monthly basis so you never run out on a Sunday morning!
  2. Call us at774-776-7333 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to take your order over the phone and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  3. Receive a free wholesale catalog when you sign up on this page. Use the included order form to mail, fax, or e-mail your order and receive it within 10 business days.

Learn about your Impact:


Check out our blog to see how your purchases impact small farmers all around the world!

Let your church know about how drinking Equal Exchange coffee during Coffee Hour helps farmers around the globe! We send free promotional materials such as posters, table tents, flyers, bulletin inserts and more with your first order!

Expand Your Mission

Once you start serving Equal Exchange coffee, expanding your impact is easy and fun. There are plenty of opportunities.

  • Hold a bible study about fair trade help your church understand how fair trade impacts their lives
  • Serve Equal Exchange coffee at all of your church events
  • Order popular items to sell at your next Holiday Bazaar
  • Incorporate Equal Exchange coffee or chocolate into your next youth group or mission trip fundraiser

Enjoy your Equal Exchange Coffee

When you support equal exchange, you will join a vibrate community of congregations, school and community organizations who enjoy making a difference while they enjoy delicious fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate and other fair foods. As you are enjoying Equal Exchange coffee during your church fellowship hour you will know that you are making a difference in the lives of farmers all around the world!

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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