Halloween Rice Cake Faces


It’s so easy to create these rice cake snacks, its spooky! First, gather your ingredients – don’t limit yourself – these can be sweet or savory.  A spreadable base is key to a tasty snack and for adhering your other ingredients. Try nut butters, cocoa hazelnut spread, cream cheese (add a little pumpkin for some fall flavor), or Equal Exchange Strawberry Jam and Marmalade. 

A variety of topping ingredients with different colors, shapes and flavors can make your culinary masterpiece shine. For a naturally sweet snack we recommend using Equal Exchange raisins, dried pineapple, dried mango, cashews and almonds, along with fresh fruit like Equal Exchange bananas and coconut flakes.

If you’re trying to satisfy that sweet tooth, you can get a little indulgent with marshmallows, candy corn, Equal Exchange semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate chips and fruit leather, which can be cut up to create strips or shapes for a jack-o-lantern face.

Here are ideas for some of our favorite creations: 


Spread nut butter all over the rice cake. Make the wings from apple slices placing them on each side and create big eyes with two dollops of cocoa hazelnut spread with marshmallows in the center.  Finish off with a coconut flake feathers around the eyes and don’t forget a candy corn or almond beak!


Use pumpkin cream cheese as your base and fruit leather either in strips or shapes to make the face.  Finish off with a fruit leather, raisin or nut stem.


For a savory version use cream cheese as a base, red pepper mouth and nose, sliced cucumber and olive eyes and thin carrots stick whiskers. Triangle cucumbers or carrots make great ears.

Spider with web:

Using nut butter as a base either melt some chocolate or thin out some cocoa hazelnut spread with a little milk. Make a pastry bag by putting the chocolate drizzle you made in a plastic bag (make sure melted chocolate isn’t too hot) and snip off a corner of the bag. The smaller the hole, the more detail you’ll be able to make. Make a swirl with the chocolate and using a knife or toothpick draw lines out from the center of the rice cake toward the edge to form the web pattern. Add some spiders made from Equal Exchange’s plump and sweet Chilean Flame Raisins with fruit leather legs.

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