Red Cherry Challenge

This year, support farmers in growing healthy, red coffee cherries for generations to come.

Coffee farmers are facing many dire challenges, including changing weather patterns, natural disasters and agricultural diseases like coffee leaf rust.

Help farmers protect their futures and their farms. When you join the Red Cherry Challenge, we will donate 10 cents for every pound of coffee you buy through May 31, 2015 to the Red Cherry Fund, to finance farmer-led initiatives toward resilience and recovery.

Sign up and set your coffee goal. How many pounds of fairly traded, small farmer-grown coffee will you bring to your community this year? The higher your goal, the greater your impact — and we'll send you media and promotional materials to help you reach it.

Weren't ready to set your goal when you signed up? You can do so now. Set your goal.

So far we've raised... Your pledged coffee purchases directly support farmer innovation. Shop Coffee Customer quote.