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Support Moms in Co-ops

  • We want to acknowledge and celebrate the mothers in farming communities that are contributing to their families' coffee, cacao or tea production, while also running their households — cooking, cleaning, and tending to the children, animals, and gardens. It's a lot of work, and often requires getting up as early as 4 a.m. and being the last to go to sleep. We are continually inspired by these women and all that they do.

    Your support of fairly traded products means supporting moms in co-ops around the world. Thank you!

    Meet Three Mothers from Uganda on the blog!

  • Uganda Stove Project

    In the spring of 2014, we raised $4,720 to help Ugandan women build 118 energy-efficient stoves in their communities, surpassing our goal of 100 stoves!

    These new stoves make a remarkable difference in the lives of mothers and families. They reduce the amount of firewood necessary to cook by 50%, meaning a substantial savings in money, labor and time. These stoves can cook more dishes at once, and faster, meaning less time in the kitchen. And, they prove a warm, smoke-free environment for families to spend time together in.

    Read more about the Mount Elgon, Uganda community on the blog

  • Show your support of moms around the world with some of our favorite products...


    Organic Proud Mama Coffee

    Honoring proud mothers and families everywhere, this blend celebrates women farmers who are becoming leaders, sending their children to school and contributing so much to their communities.
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    Congo Coffee

    This inspirational blend of East African coffee supports the Congo Coffee Project, which is dedicated to the growth and healing of the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. For every bag of coffee sold, Equal Exchange will donate $2 ($1 wholesale) to the Panzi Foundation.
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    African Gift Set

    Inspired by strong women, this gift supports East African economies and women affected by violence. Equal Exchange will provide a $2.00 donation to the Panzi Foundation for each gift box sold.
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    Panzi Bag

    Panzi bags are a direct result of the Congo Coffee Project, a joint initiative of Equal Exchange and the Panzi Foundation. Women who are receiving care at the Maison Dorcas center are invited to learn the art and skill of basket weaving. Panzi bags are part of the healing process, and the women are learning new skills, earning income and making something beautiful in the process.
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