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Equal Exchange was founded with the vision to create a more just food system, putting people over profit (See EE history). Since 1986, Equal Exchange has turned that vision into a reality in the coffee, tea, and chocolate industries. In 2006, Equal Exchange, Red Tomato, and Agrofair, partnered together around a commitment to bring that same change to the banana industry by introducing small-farmer-grown Fairtrade bananas to the US market. 

It wasn’t easy. Bananas are essential items for retailers, so switching supply chains can represent a risk to the success of a grocery. In addition, new banana supply chains must compete against giant multinational companies with immense economies of scale, financing, and influence over food policy.  Nevertheless, the three organizations knew that a shift in even a small portion of the banana market would generate a meaningful impact. Read more about the history of the banana industry here. 

Despite the odds, Equal Exchange and partners found retail and distribution channels willing to take the risk and offer a small-farmer, organic, Fairtrade banana program to customers. The early years were full of challenges: steep learning curves, supply disruptions, and a lack of customer understanding of fair trade in bananas. With time and learning, the banana programs became more solid and more customers were willing to transition to an Equal Exchange banana. In 2013, Equal Exchange launched a Fairtrade avocado program with partners in Mexico. Today, though challenges remain, Equal Exchange produce reaches both coasts and the Upper Midwest at food cooperatives and natural food stores as well as through a few regional grocery chains. What once seemed like a radical vision is now a reality: US consumers have a choice to support small farmer, cooperatively traded bananas.


  • 2006- 1st container of small-farmer grown bananas imported from AsoGuabo (Ecuador) to East Coast
  • 2008 - Equal Exchange branding added to bananas
  • 2010- First Peruvian banana partner: CEPIBO cooperative in Peru
  • 2013- Launch of FT banana puree program
  • 2013- Equal Exchange avocado program launched in partnership with PRAGOR cooperative
  • 2017 - Added a second Peruvian banana partner - APOQ cooperative in Peru
  • 2018- First shipment of Peruvian Avocados (summer program)
  • 2018 - Fall launch of West coast banana program
  • 2019- Added a second avocado partner in Mexico - Profosmi


Meet the team


Nicole Vitello is President of Equal Exchange Produce and came to the role after doing almost every job from banana logistics to sales to management over the years. Nicole's work experience ranges from international development work with farmer co-ops in Senegal, West Africa to organic farming. Before coming to Equal, Nicole founded and ran Manic Organic, a local organic vegetable farm in her home state of Rhode Island. Nicole is a fan of camping, hiking, big family dinners and road trips. She is an avid reader, a fast talker and likes to get her news from the radio. 

Ravdeep Jaidka is the Sourcing Manager for the banana and avocado programs at Equal Exchange Produce. Ravdeep started at Equal Exchange in 2015 after getting her Master’s degree in the Agriculture, Food and Environment Program at Tufts University in Boston. Outside of managing produce logistics, Ravdeep can be found generally spending time outdoors.

Brooke Werley is the Supply Chain & Systems Manager at Equal Exchange and like most of the team started as a Supply Chain Coordinator. Before Equal, Brooke spent many years as a farmworker on diversified vegetable farms across the U.S., freelance writing and flipping eggs in farm to table kitchens. If there's anything Brooke likes more than food and justice, it's a good story and a little bit of magic.

Angelica Hicks is the Banana Category Lead for Equal Exchange. Since joining the team as a coordinator in 2017, she has worked with logistics, sales, marketing, and relationship management, the latter of which she finds most rewarding. Previously, she worked with Princeton in Latin America in New Jersey. Her favorite non-work-related thing to do is throw elaborate themed parties. Yes, costumes are required.

Emily Gove is the Sales Strategist for Fresh Produce, and started as a Logistics and Sales Coordinator. Emily grew up on a family farm, and spent many a summer picking, grading, and selling fruits and vegetables. She holds an MA in the Anthropology of Food, has been involved in various areas of the global food system, from grassroots seed banks and CSAs to upscale wineries and supper clubs. Outside of the food world, Emily enjoys making things with yarn, and any song played by an accordion. 

Monica Foss is the Supply Chain Coordinator for the banana team and also acts as the Marketing Coordinator. She has been with Equal Exchange since August 2019, after a varied journey from journalism and marketing to catering and restaurants and onto an MSc in Food Policy from City, University of London. Sustainability of the food system is her jam, but she also enjoys traveling and trying all the delectable cuisines of the world.

Alyssa Melendez is one of the Avocado Supply Chain Coordinators at Equal Exchange. Before Equal, she completed a year of service in Hood River, Oregon working on food access and outreach programs and then went on to earn an M.S. in Agriculture, Food, and Environment (AFE) at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. She loves spending her free time cooking, gardening, hiking, playing piano/guitar, and spending time with family and friends. 

Johanna Contreras Manito is one of Equal Exchange Produce’s Supply Chain Coordinators for the banana supply chain. Johanna is passionate about farmers' access to stable, profitable markets in order to maintain small-scale agrarian systems and sustain dignifying living conditions. She wears her multiculturality on her sleeve and everything else too!

Ryne Case is the Avocado Sales and Program Developer and started in January 2020.  Before joining Equal Exchange Produce, he's done everything from harvesting product from the fields and orchards to coordinating whole shipping containers and everything in between throughout the supply chain.  While most things in Ryne's life are food related, including his gourmet plant based kitchen creations, he is always looking for new chess partners.

Eunice Jijon Jarquin is an Avocado Supply Chain Coordinator at Equal Exchange Produce. After working on a small-scale organic farm in college, she was motivated to challenge the current food system by working with local food initiatives and seeking justice for farmworkers. She enjoys foraging, gardening, and listening to cumbias and music from her native Oaxaca.