The Equal Exchange Brewing Awareness Initiative

The Equal Exchange Brewing Awareness Initiative


All mission driven organizations have their champions: the people who already stand behind the cause. Many (if not most) of these organizations strive to have their champions take action. Because having them take action can turn an organization of a few into a mighty collection of many.

The Equal Exchange Brewing Awareness Initiative is here to build a tool to powerfully facilitate that, and then make it widely available for free.

The organization behind it is Equal Exchange (the first Fair Trade coffee company in the United States), and we are looking to build a leadership team of three to guide the initiative over a four month period.

This is not a paid position. However, among the three leaders the work should be possible in spare time. If you become one of the three leaders it could well be the most satisfying work you've ever done!

If you're interested to hear more then just read on and watch the videos below.

The Big Picture

If people only knew what went into some of the products they buy, then they would spend their money differently.

We believe that a powerful tool can be built for this: to help raise awareness and motivate people into action.

We aim to build and test this tool with Equal Exchange and then make it available for free for any and all mission-driven organizations.

The Plan

The champions of a mission-driven organization all have their concerns and circumstances that keep them from taking action. For instance: they're afraid people might judge them for it.

However, give them powerful resources combined with support systems and their participation will increase.

These resources are too much for any one organization to build, (see details in the video). So we are organizing a hackathon to build it!


You could be in the leadership team - of three.

The three of you:

  • research best practices for a hackathon
  • get the materials prepped
  • find the hackers and send out invites
  • hold the hackathon

This requires you relate to this as your initiative, your contribution to the planet. It of course also requires that you communicate clearly and work well with your team.

Approximate Timeline


If you think that this might be something for you then just give us your name and email and we'll get in touch with you.

Fill out my online form.

We're very much looking forward to meeting you!

From the Equal Exchange Brewing Awareness Strategy team, Virginia Berman & Erik Verbeek