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All Bananas Are Not Created Equal

Jessica Jones-Hughes
March 6, 2013

March is Equal Exchange Bananas Month! We are proud to be able to share our successes and challenges with you during March. Here are a few accomplishments. 

In 2012:

  • Equal Exchange sold 11 million servings of bananas
  • $1.6 million was paid directly to small-scale banana farmers in Peru and Ecuador
  • 350 co-ops and independent grocers and 11 million people consumed Equal Exchange bananas

(See the impact graphically presented here.)

This huge impact starts with Equal Exchange working directly with small-scale banana farmers and ends with YOU, buying and enjoying these bananas. Simply by selecting Equal Exchange bananas instead of a conventional banana, you are helping to shift control from multinational corporations into the hands of small-scale producers. That is real power.

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