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Ask the Dietitian: How to Snack Well this Summer

Jessica Jones-Hughes
June 18, 2013
Hello, summer! Humidity, sunshine and travel. If you are like most, your summer schedule is already filling up rapidly. With travel comes the hassle of meal planning on the go…..eating out more, grabbing junk food at the convenience store - we all do it. The past few years, I have challenged myself to continue to live out my principles of eating nutritious food, and eating food from companies and farmers that I believe in, while on the road. What? Is this possible in a world where most people can’t even eat this way in their home? As a dietitian and someone who works to develop food supply chains, I have some inside scoop into how to make this happen. Here are some of the tips I have added to my travel routines:
  • Carry a water bottle – hydration in the summer is especially important!
  • Investigate food co-ops, independent markets, or farmers markets in the area you are traveling. Shop there to:
    • Buy healthy snacks.
    • Replenish your travel food staples. 
    • Buy fresh produce to support local farmers in the areas you are traveling. 
  • Stop along the drive to take a walk at beautiful sites.
  • Share your ideas with us! How do you stay healthy and eat food that you believe in while on the road? Post your tips to our Facebook page.
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