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Chocolate Tasting

Did you know that chocolate comes from a tree, or that it is made from beans encased in a colorful squash-like pod? Take a chocolate journey from Bean to Bar with an educational chocolate tasting or a classroom activity.

Hands-On Tools

Conduct a Chocolate Tasting

Cutting board with chocolate pieces

Purchase Equal Exchange chocolates and use our free chocolate tasting materials to conduct a fun activity for all ages.

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Download a chocolate tasting placemat for kids.
Buy chocolate on our online store.

Classroom Activity

What's Fair Game lesson for the classroom

What is Fair Game? Students will experience what it's like to be a cacao farmer and will learn about the importance of authentic fair trade. Suggested for grades 4-9.

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Chocolate Infographic

Chocolate infographic

Where does your chocolate come from? Find out in this infographic comparing authentic fair trade and conventionally traded chocolate.

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Hot Cocoa Bar

A hot cocoa bar set up with cups of cocoa and all the possible toppings

Host a hot chocolate party where everyone gets to add their favorite toppings. This DIY event is a great fundraiser — and a lot of fun. Find out how to do it.

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Fair Trade Halloween

Chocolate bars and cocoa with a spooky Halloween graveyard scene including chocolate gravestones

Most of the candy given out at Halloween every year in the U.S. is tainted by child labor and forced labor in West Africa. Learn more about this scary issue and what you can do to advocate for fair practices.

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