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Chocolate Can Be Delicious and Educational

Take students on a chocolate journey from Bean to Bar. Did you know that chocolate comes from a tree, or that it is made from beans encased in a colorful squash-like pod? Your students will love learning more about where their favorite candy comes from.

Hands-on Tools

The Chocolate Journey – Three-Part Cards
Each kit includes 27 pieces – 9 cards with photos and descriptions on the back, 9 cards with a photo, and 9 cards with the name of the appropriate stage of chocolate. Laminated and printed in color.

Purchase a real, dried cacao pod!
There's nothing like actually touching a cacao pod to create a lasting image of where chocolate comes from. Have fun shaking it – dried cacao beans are still inside the pod. Item #: 46248, Price: $15. Buy Online

Conduct a Chocolate Tasting

Purchase Equal Exchange chocolates and use our free chocolate tasting materials to conduct a fun activity for kids.

Chocolate Classroom Activity

What's Fair Game
Students will experience what it's like to be a cacao farmer and will learn about the importance of Fair Trade. Suggested for grades 4-9.