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Do you have brewing instructions for Equal Exchange's Fellowship Blend and pillow pack coffees?
Yes! Check out this pdf for some handy brewing tips.
Does Equal Exchange offer other products, besides coffee, that could be used to compliment a coffee hour or office coffee program?
Yes! Our tea and hot cocoa are perfect for non-coffee drinkers.
Which products do you recommend I offer at my sale?
We suggest starting conservatively, with just 2-3 types each of coffee, tea, and chocolate. Some of our most popular products are:
Can I sample your products before I order a whole case?
Because this is a wholesale program, you must order by the case (6 bags of coffee, 12 bars of chocolate, 6 boxes of tea, etc). If you’d like to speak with a sales representative about which products may be the best fit for your group, please contact your Equal Exchange Community Sales Representative at 508-427-5217.
I'm hoping to start selling Equal Exchange products in my community, but I'm nervous about the up-front costs. Can I order them on consignment and return any products that I can't sell?
Unfortunately, because our products are perishable food items, we are not able to sell them on consignment. Our hope is that our wholesale case pricing make it easier for you to place your first order, and that soon the program will pay for itself! You might also consider taking pre-orders from community members before your first order. Once you’ve had one order paid up-front by credit card you can then apply for 14 day credit terms with Equal Exchange and be invoiced for your orders. Ask our customer service team for more details.
How much should I charge for Equal Exchange products at my sale?
It's up to you! Some people charge retail prices at their sales, while others charge little or nothing more than the cost they paid per item in the discounted case price. Here are some questions to consider as you determine your prices:
  • Are you hoping to raise money through your sale? If so, how much money do you need to raise?
  • Is your goal to expose more people to Fair Trade products, without necessarily making a profit for your group? The lower your prices, the more people will buy.
  • How much do products like these cost in local stores? What are people in your community accustomed to paying?
  • How can you ensure that your Fair Trade efforts become self-sustaining? Consider raising some money through your sale and using those profits to purchase Fair Trade coffee for your coffee hour or office use.
I want to offer Fair Trade crafts at my sale! How can I do that?
There are many wonderful Fair Trade organizations you can order from. One ally organization of ours is Ten Thousand Villages.
Should I be charging sales-tax?
If you want to be sure about whether or not you are exempt from the sales tax, check with your specific state. States have very varying rulings about sales taxes. Faith-based groups can learn more here.

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