El Triunfo

The countries are different. The specific challenges vary. But the key message we’re getting from small farmers across the globe is consistent: climate change is already severely threatening coffee production.

Small farmer co-ops in Mexico are leaders creating models of sustainable farming. This winter they also became leaders in organizing others to take united action against climate change. They hosted a conference to discuss these complex issues and to build the forces for good (good coffee and good stewardship). Their creativity and commitment are a formidable counterweight to climate change in their region.

Our coffee sourcing specialist, Todd, and our brewing equipment guru (and great photographer), Joe, were invited to attend the conference and to hike into the remote biosphere preserve El Triunfo. This park is so important - and so fragile - that only 6 groups of visitors are permitted entry per year.

 A Land Before Time:
Get an overview of the El Triunfo biosphere and what makes it so special

Birds, Coffee and Relationships:
Come with us on a walk through the bisophere

Soil and Conservation:
Hear what makes healthy soil so important for farm productivity.
Articulo Foro Internacional Café & Cambio Climático en El Triunfo: Read a summary put together by organizers of the November 2011 conference on climate change. This pdf (in Spanish) summarizes the key themes and captures some of the important takeaways from this international meeting of farmers in Chiapas, Mexico.
Behind the Scenes with Joe: The inside scoop on being a photographer for an expedition to Mexico, from riding on the back of a truck through mountain switchbacks, to investigating the ecosystems on a single tree branch.