Flor de Café

San Marcos, Guatemala | Sept-Nov 2013

Left: A coffee tree nursery at the farm of Flor de Café president, Juan Perez Ramos. Right: Beth Ann speaking with the Central Washing Station Mill Manager Hugo Vasquez Perez about the importance of even drying on the patios.


The rocky road is covered in tiny daisies, and morning glories inhabit every corner.

In the remote mountains far from the town of Quetzaltenango, the community of El Flor de Café was inspired to create their own farmer cooperative within Manos Campesinas. Their first activity as a co-op had a direct positive impact on coffee quality: creating a centralized wet processing facility, drying patio and storage buildings. This investment enabled coffee from each farm to be processed in a dedicated facility where trained staff apply consistent methods and keep the equipment in top shape.

On a recent visit our Quality Manager, Beth Ann, performed a quality audit of the facility and met with 40 of the 100 farmers. She was impressed!

They discussed:

  • What she evaluated in her Quality Audit
  • The previous year’s harvest results, including:
    - The physical analysis: size, appearance & any defects
    - The sensorial analysis: aromas & flavors
  • The natural characteristics we note in their delicious coffee, and what improvements could be made.

The farmers were excited to learn how we analyze their coffee. When they learned that their coffee had received a score of 84 points (out of 100), one declared, "Next year we will get 86 points or more!"

This year's harvest is juicy and bright, with a heavy body that complements the floral aromatics. It earned 87.75 points!

The bouquet is intensely floral with hints of caramel, freshly peeled lemon and the warming aroma of cinnamon. Delicately sweet and refreshing with flavors of fresh honey and a lemony acidity.

Flor de Café (primary co-op), Manos Campesinas (secondary co-op)

San Marcos, Guatemala

Red & Yellow Caturra, Bourbon, Cataui

1300 MASL

Light medium

Intensely floral with the warming aroma of cinnamon. Delicately sweet with flavors of fresh honey and a lemony acidity.

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