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Building a supply chain is really hard. It’s even more difficult, if instead of profits, your mission is to build a DIFFERENT kind of supply chain, one that tries to:

  • Pay farmers the highest possible price.
  • Work directly with farmer co-ops to help them find a caring market.
  • Preserve fragile ecosystems around the world.
  • Support farmer co-op development projects that go beyond business-as-usual.

But that’s our mission. And being able to bridge the gap between innovative farmers in remote places and shoppers who are looking for fair, sustainable food options makes it all worth it.

And now, with the creation of the Grow Together Fund, Equal Exchange and food co-ops across the country have united with small farmer co-ops to create and strengthen this alternative, caring supply chain that puts people before profits.  


Together we are strengthening this co-op supply chain:

With your purchase of Equal Exchange Cashews at participating stores, Equal Exchange and the store will each donate to the Grow Together Fund to support a tree planting project at APRAINORES Co-op, creating higher yields and a more stable income.

Our first Grow Together Fund project supports APRAINORES, an inspiring co-op of cashew farmers in El Salvador. In early 2014, Equal Exchange provided the first round of funding, which the farmers used to: 

  • build a nursery for cashew seedlings
  • install an irrigation system
  • hire an extension worker to manage it

The farmers chose seeds from their best trees and planted them in the nursery. A few months later they then grafted the seedlings with shoots from their strongest cashew trees. With luck, the trees will begin producing in three to four years.  


12/17/2014: In 2014, we were able to raise $22,000 from food cooperatives which are being used to create a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), administered by a 3-person committee of Aprainores board members. The idea of the RLF is to make small short-term loans to producer members (up to 60% of the total amount they made from last year's cashew harvest) that they will then repay in May 2015 after they turn in next year's harvest. Read more >

Pictured: Oscar Valladares, a member of the APRAINORES Oversight Committee and Revolving Loan Fund Committee, with his daughter. Photo taken by Eric Bowman. 

Previous Updates: 

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain refers to the way products get from farm to shelf, and eventually - to you! 

In the case of cashews, raw nuts are harvested from trees and are then transported from the farm to the maufacturing plant where they are processed and exported to Equal Exchange. Once at Equal Exchange, they are then distributed (or roasted and distributed) to your store.

What are the steps that Equal Exchange cashews from small-scale farmers go through before ending up in your hand? Find out > 

The new nursery with 7,000 cashew seedlings was created in March 2014 with support from the Grow Together Fund.

Shoots from healthy cashew trees were grafted onto seedlings in August 2014. Trees should be fully productive in 3 to 4 years.

Check out this "How Cashews Are Grown" video made by our friends at Weaver Street Market!

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