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Co-op Name: CACVRA
Location: Peru
Number of Producers: 1,900 
Average Farm Size: 3-10 hectares
Founded: 1969
Source for: Non-single origin chocolate bars and minis, dark hot chocolate 

Interesting Fact: To unite geographically diverse communities, CACVRA has its own vehicles to transport cocoa beans to central fermentation centers. 

Full Profile: The Agrarian Coffee Cooperative of the Apurimac River Valley (CACVRA) was formed in 1969 to market coffee for small-scale farmers in Peru. In the 1980’s, the co-op and surrounding communities in the remote Apurimac Valley were severely impacted by the social and political conflict occurring in peru’s Ayacucho Province. Within the last several years, CACVRA has recovered to re-establish strong export volumes of coffee and has also become a significant producer and exporter of organic cacao to international markets.

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