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El Quinacho


Co-op Name: El Quinacho
Location: Peru
Number of Producers: 700
Average Farm Size: 3-10 hectares
Founded: 1970
Source for: Non-single origin chocolate bars and minis and dark hot chocolate
Interesting Fact: El Quinacho Co-operative is named after a strong and sturdy wood.

Full Profile: El Quinacho is a shining example for community collaboration. Even after a decade long of regional violence and terrorism, the co-operative spirit continues to thrive. El Quinacho first started their co-operative around bananas, coffee, and a small general store in 1970, but now the co-op specializes in organic and specialty cacao. In addition to member benefits like fertilizers, tools, and healthcare, the co-op invests its Fair Trade premiums in community oriented projects. Recently, El Quinacho purchased machines to help construct roads. These roads provide better market access for members transporting their cacao, while also ultimately benefiting the greater community.

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