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Dominican Republic

Co-op Name: FUNDOPO
Location: Dominican Republic
Number of Producers: 1,500
Average Farm Size: 4 hectares
Founded: 2002
Source for: Non single-origin chocolate bars and minis, dark hot chocolate
Interesting Fact: The co-op was founded as the Dominican Federation of Organic Producers (FEDOPO) in 2002, but due to Dominican laws around co-operatives and organizations, they changed their status from a federation to a foundation in 2008 and their name was changed to the Dominican Foundation of Organic Producers (FUNDOPO).

Full Profile: FUNDOPO is located in Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic. Like many of our cacao co-operative partners, they suffer from generational turnover, climate change, and current low cacao market prices. Despite these challenges, FUNDOPO continues to grow. FUNDOPO has increased membership from 84 families in 2000 to around 1,500 members today. 25% of FUNDOPO’s Fair Trade premiums are paid directly to the producers, while the other 75% are used for co-op projects.

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