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Find print-ready point of sale signage, talking points, and consumer-facing materials, as well as content to share digitally.

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  • VIDEO - Lianne from AsoGuabo
  • VIDEO - Marcelo from AsoGuabo
  • GRAPHIC - Co-op Grown Bananas
    Caption: October is Co-op Month, and Equal Exchange Bananas are co-op grown! Hilda works on the banana packing team for Cristian Bueno's small farm in Ecuador, cleaning organic bananas before they are cut into bunches. Cristian is a member of AsoGuabo cooperative. #equalexchange #smallfarmersbigchange #coopmonth #banana
  • GRAPHIC - Co-op Grown Avocados
    Caption: October is Co-op Month, and Equal Exchange Avocados are co-op grown! Here, Ruben shows off his beautiful organically grown fruit. He is a small farmer member of PROFOSMI cooperative in Mexico. #equalexchange #smallfarmersbigchange #coopmonth #avocado

Mexican Avocados


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The Banana Zine

Banana Zine

The Banana Zine is a collection of works by people across the Equal Exchange banana supply chain. The voices included represent farmer cooperatives, distributors, grocery stores, consumers, and a few artists who happen to make sweet banana-related art.

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Peru Avocado Shelf Talkers
Peru Avocado Ripening Guide (2 sizes)
5" x 7" & 8.5" x 11"

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