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Find print-ready point of sale signage, talking points, and consumer-facing materials, as well as content to share digitally.


October is Co-op Month!

October is Fairtrade Month, too! Choose the World You Want this fall.

The Banana Zine

Banana Zine

The Banana Zine is a collection of works by people across the Equal Exchange banana supply chain. The voices included represent farmer cooperatives, distributors, grocery stores, consumers, and a few artists who happen to make sweet banana-related art.

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Reinvent the Resolution

Each January, we make new commitments to our health and our lives. Change the conversation around New Years resolutions and encourage ethical eating with our new campaign.

Game Day, Play Fair

Is your store ready for the big game? Let our POS brighten your display and encourage customers to support small-scale farmers.

March is Banana Month!

Hanging Banana POS
(some assembly required)
double-sided print
single-sided print


Social Media

  • VIDEO - Lianne from AsoGuabo
  • VIDEO - Marcelo from AsoGuabo
  • GRAPHIC - Co-op Grown Bananas
    Caption: October is Co-op Month, and Equal Exchange Bananas are co-op grown! Hilda works on the banana packing team for Cristian Bueno's small farm in Ecuador, cleaning organic bananas before they are cut into bunches. Cristian is a member of AsoGuabo cooperative. #equalexchange #smallfarmersbigchange #coopmonth #banana
  • GRAPHIC - Co-op Grown Avocados
    Caption: October is Co-op Month, and Equal Exchange Avocados are co-op grown! Here, Ruben shows off his beautiful organically grown fruit. He is a small farmer member of PROFOSMI cooperative in Mexico. #equalexchange #smallfarmersbigchange #coopmonth #avocado

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