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Are your cocoas Dutch-processed?

Our cocoas are “Dutch-processed,” or processed with alkali. The cocoa is alkalized with potassium carbonate. This happens at a stage between grinding the roasted beans into chocolate liquor and pressing the liquor to make cocoa powder and cocoa butter. The chocolate liquor is mixed with an alkaline (or low-acid) solution before being turned into powder for our cocoas.

The “Dutching” process was developed to neutralize the high acidity of cocoa by soaking it in this alkaline (or basic) solution, and reduce some of the bitterness or sourness in the flavor.  The process also helps the powder better dissolve in liquid, which is ideal for our hot cocoa mixes.  This results in a better tasting, more chocolatey, and less astringent or bitter tasting cocoa. The process is in no way harmful.
The cacao in our chocolate bars, however, is not Dutch-processed.