The chocolate and cocoas are organic. What does that mean?

The ingredients that go into our chocolate bars and cocoas are farmed sustainably, without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. This is better for farmers, the planet, and for your body. 

Our farmer partners do not use synthetic chemicals for pest and weed control. This prevents harmful chemicals from entering the local ecosystem and water supply, which is also healthier for farmers and their families. 
As an alternative, many farmers use organic material for making compost, use fertilizers and pesticides made of local and natural inputs, and use natural barriers, such as plants, to control water flow and prevent against erosion. 
Many organic farmers also have diverse farms, meaning they plant a variety of cacao trees (which lowers the risk of disease), tall shade trees, and fruit and vegetable plants. This diversity allows for more diversity of wildlife as well as stronger protection against extreme weather, such as flooding and erosion.
For more information, visit the Oregon Tilth website.