Cold Brew

Ethiopia / D.R. Congo 

Long, slow and deliberate. Cold Brewing is a transformative process that extracts amazing flavors.

This cold brew coffee blend was specifically designed to be smooth and chocolatey, but it also tells the story of co-ops in Africa that have formed a new bond across geographic and cultural borders. The origins of this blend are exquisite, each reaching elevations that surpass 1,500 MASL. On these high slopes, farmers work hard to cultivate great quality beans. In 2011, we began working with the small farmer co-op SOPACDI and were excited to introduce the US specialty market to coffee from the DRC. Beth Ann, our Quality Manager, noted that this young co-op didn’t have a cupper on staff, and she offered to help them find and train one. Over the last 2 ½ years, we have supported both this person and this vital function through training and crossborder exchanges with our producer partners in Ethiopia. Here is how that work has unfolded: 

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Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union & SOPACDI

Ethiopia, & D.R. Congo

Bourbon, SL-14 & SL-28

1300-1888 MASL

Full City

This post-roast blend of three origins creates a dense and creamy flavor experience filled with layers of chocolate and ripe berries. 

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