Red Cherry Challenge

Equal Exchange's Red Cherry Challenge has ended, and we've tallied up the results!

All told, between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015, 613 congregations, groups, and individuals participated in the Red Cherry Challenge. Together we raised $8,281 for farmers whose coffee crops have been devastated by coffee rust, a coffee tree disease that has been exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

The Red Cherry Challenge has ended, but there is more work to be done:

Choose Fair Trade coffee. Supporter Barbara Metz from St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Baltimore, MD explains why: "As Fair Trade consumers, we are partners with the farmers in good years and bad. We hope that buying more coffee will help sustain them through difficult times."

Raise awareness. The educational materials Equal Exchange developed for the Red Cherry Challenge will remain available on this page for you to read, watch, and share with your community.

Make a financial contribution to one of the many nonprofit organizations doing good work to combat coffee rust. Above and beyond the Red Cherry Fund, Equal Exchange has contributed $80,000 to Root Capital and $20,000 to The Coffee Trust, both organizations working with farmers on the ground to mitigate the effects of coffee rust. You can donate to them directly as well, or to our partners at Catholic Relief Services who are also working intensively on this issue.

We will continue to share stories from our farmer partners in the months ahead as they implement new programs using the Red Cherry Fund and continue to confront this and other challenges. Thank you for enabling us to do this work!

So far we've raised... Your pledged coffee purchases directly support farmer innovation. Shop Coffee Customer quote.