Are your cocoa and chocolate products vegan? Soy-free? Gluten-free?

We are proud to offer a range of vegan, soy-free and gluten-free options. Below is an overview of allergens by product type, but please take care to note the allergen statements on each individual product before purchasing.
100g Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Minis
Our 100g chocolate bar line is crafted using only the purest ingredients. Our recipe starts simply with cacao beans, cane sugar and vanilla. These bars are soy-free and gluten-free*. All but three of the bars (Organic Milk Chocolate with a Hint of Hazelnut 38%, Organic Milk Chocolate Minis with a Hint of Hazelnut 41%, and Organic Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt 55%) are also vegan.
  • Our 100g bars and minis do not contain gluten and do not share equipment with gluten. The only ingredient with gluten that is used in the whole facility are cereal crisps, which are isolated, only used in a specific product,  and are inserted using a special tool at the end of that product’s production. Our manufacturer frequently tests for gluten, and ppm is always less than 5ppm.


Our cocoas contain the following allergen statement: Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing tree nuts, soy, wheat, eggs and dairy.

The tree nuts present in the facility are pecans and walnuts. The facility does practice good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to minimize cross-contamination.
Our Organic Hot Cocoa Mix contains milk, while the Organic Spicy Hot Cocoa and Organic Baking Cocoa do not.
Candy Bars
Equal Exchange’s candy bars are made in Peru, in a different facility from our 100g bars and minis. While they do not contain gluten, the candy bars are manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing wheat. Again, the facility does practice good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to minimize cross-contamination.
The Organic Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut is vegan.
All three candy bars do contain organic soy lecithin.