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America Has a Monopoly Problem

                                   America Has a Monopoly Problem.

“Big Doesn’t Just Happen, Big is Allowed to Happen.”- Joe Maxwell Executive Director of the Organization for Competitive Markets

In the wider food system, big food is changing the rules of the game. They control everything from seeds to supply and prices, while chipping away at regulations that inform and protect consumers. It has left the independent food economy, especially farmers, devoid of oxygen. In the name of power and profit and at the expense of farmers in the US and abroad, corporations count on consumers to remain unorganized and uninformed to maintain the status quo. How can we change the rules of the game?


We need your help. We are not just consumers, we are individuals, and we have a voice. Collectively, we have power. Join the fight for an independent food system, one that works for farmers, consumers, and independent business. Together, we can call on our representatives to demand and support an independent food system. Fill out the form below to ask members of the House and Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law to give the Food and Agribusiness Moratorium and Antitrust Review Act of 2019 a hearing!

Have you contacted the representatives in your district to cosponsor this bill yet? If not please ask them to cosponsor below.


Equal Exchange is partnering with the Organization for Competitive Markets to turn the tables and to shift the power back. We are working on a bill called the Food and Agribusiness Moratorium and Antitrust Review Act. This bill would stop mergers in their tracks, allow a pause, a moment for the independent food economy to breathe. It would formulate a commission to evaluate the real impact of consolidation in our food system. This moratorium would stay in place until Congress acts.


For generations, our food economy was a thriving independent market, where consumers had choice and family farms had a chance. Over the last 20-30 years, however, the independent food economy and farmers are slowly going bankrupt, and consumers have increasingly dwindling options to support a healthy and safe food system.

Farmer voices are being drowned out and consumer choice exists as only an illusion. A concentrated market and Big Food has power and influence over consumer prices, the health and safety of food choices on our grocery store shelves, and control of workers along all parts of the supply chain. A concentrated market means driving out existing independents and creating high barriers to entry, it denies workers in the food system good wages, and limits producers’  ability to deliver high quality, sustainable, and healthy food. Lax enforcement of antitrust laws has allowed monopolies to gain enough market share and economic power to obtain abusive levels of power and political influence over food policy, and ultimately our entire food system.

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Joe Maxwell of the Organization for Competitive Markets talk about consolidation and power in the food system at Equal Exchange's 2019 summit.

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