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With your support, Equal Exchange has built an alternative trade system in solidarity with small farmers and consumers. This system has helped small farmers gain a meaningful seat at the table while affording them more economic power, better lives, and healthier communities. Equal Exchange has had the opportunity to work with producer groups as they struggle and succeed and because of that we understand that radical economics are challenging but they can work. We’ve proven that there is a viable alternative to the for-profit winner-take-all system. 

And yet, our mission is more threatened today than it was 10 years ago. Climate change is wreaking havoc on our farmer partners. Corporate digestion of fair trade has both reduced the power of small farmers and demoralized shoppers in the U.S. as the food system continues to consolidate around us. It is time to organize! 

To realize our alternative trade vision, we are taking a powerful step to deepen our democratic model that connects all parts of the supply chain; small farmers, Equal Exchange worker-owners, and supporters like you. We cannot succeed in transforming the food system and building our alternative trade economy without the active, deep and committed participation of citizen-consumers.

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