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Equal Exchange and Oxfam have had a long standing history of solidarity working together to help mobilize the power of people, like you, to shed light on the exploitation and human rights violations in our food system. Oxfam launched the Behind the Barcodes Campaign to raise the voices of the people who produce our food and demand supermarkets take accountability for the workers in their supply chains. Our citizen-consumer network participated in this campaign by asking grocery retailers to be accountable for the exploitation in their supply chains.

Oxfam assessed the six biggest retailers in the United States on how they tackle critical issues affecting the people who produce the food they sell. They conducted their research by examining publicly available information relating to each retailers policies and evaluating it against indicators in four areas: transparency and accountability, workers, farmers, and women.

The results reveal that US supermarkets are failing to do enough to protect the rights of the workers in their supply chain, address the rights and equality of women, support-small-scale farmers and be transparent throughout their operations. 


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