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Why start a buying club?

You can make a real difference for small farmers around the world and pay less for your favorite organic and Fair Trade foods when you build community with a buying club. Order together and get home staples like coffee, tea, cocoa, olive oil and more by the case at low wholesale prices.

Buying clubs not only makes financial sense but they also minimize your environmental impact. Everyone in the group benefits from sharing costs but also getting free shipping, less packaging and lower carbon footprint by consolidating shipments.

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Equal Exchange buying clubs are ideal for

  • Family or friends who appreciate ethically-sourced organic products
  • Members of your gardening group, book club, social justice group
  • Neighbors or co-workers

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Whether you have questions about our products or need some personalized help placing an order, our friendly, Massachusetts-based Customer Service Team is here to assist you!

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Get started buying Fair Trade coffee, tea, and other home staples as part of a buying club.