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A fundraiser that supports your own community while promoting a more equitable, sustainable and democratic food system. Below are 2 options to accommodate the needs of your group.

Chocolate Bar fundraiser

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Raise 50% profits by selling a variety of 4 of our best-selling chocolate bars for $5 each. Purchase your desired number of cases of chocolate bars at wholesale case prices and sell them to friends, family and neighbors. Use a sell-sheet that describes the options and helps you promote your fundraiser’s specific details with a customizable announcement flyer.

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Pre-order fundraiser

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You decide which products you will offer for sale from our wholesale case list. Choose each product’s mark-up that will help you achieve your fundraising goals. Take individual orders for products from your community while collecting money from those who ordered. Round up to the case minimum for each product ordered and place one master order with Equal Exchange. The entire order ships to a single location then the organizer coordinates product distribution. Read full instructions, product suggestions and get tips here.

Tools To Teach About Fair Trade


Farmer and children with cocoa beans

Presentations, infographics, and lesson plans to help you teach your kids about where our food comes from.



Two types of chocolate video

Learn more about our farmers partners, our mission, and how authentic Fair Trade supports farming communities.


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