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NOTICE ABOUT COVID19: Equal Exchange is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments in order to keep our community as safe as possible. At this time, we’re still shipping orders as usual. Before you place your order, please read our full notification, which includes information about selecting an appropriate shipping address. Read More >>

Equal Exchange’s 2019-2020 Fundraising Catalog expired. To place an order, select full cases of products and order on our website or call our Customer Service team at 774-776-7366.

Thank you for supporting our alternative trade organization and our mission.

For the past 15 years, we’ve offered a traditional catalog fundraising program. We discontinued the catalog and are re-imagining a future program for later this year. Stay tuned in the months to come!

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Interested in connecting with us about creating a fundraiser? Email fundraising@equalexchange.coop

Thank you for participating in past fundraising programs and your inspiration to get involved with Equal Exchange in the future!

We need your support; building an alternative network will help us all thrive and maintain a resilient community and food system. Want to go deeper and learn more? Become a member of our Citizen-Consumer community and join conversations with others like you here to help reshape our food system.

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Cans of Equal Exchange cocoa products

Creative and consistent promotion of your fundraiser is integral to its success. We have the tools to help you!




Farmer and children with cocoa beans

Presentations, infographics, and lesson plans to help you teach your kids about where our food comes from.



Two types of chocolate video

Learn more about our farmers partners, our mission, and how authentic Fair Trade supports farming communities.


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