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When you bring fairly traded and organic coffee, chocolate, tea and foods to your community, you're not only raising money for your important cause, you're supporting a more equitable, fair trade system that empowers small-scale farmers worldwide.

An Equal Exchange fundraiser demonstrates the power of local, individual actions in creating a positive change, both near and far. Teach about fair trade and reach your goal! Give your community a fundraising experience that is meaningful, fun and delicious.

Last fundraising season, participating groups raised over $250,000 with our catalog program! Ready to sign up? Just click below to get started.

Start Your Catalog Fundraiser

Want to raise money without catalogs? Organize, plan and track your local Equal Exchange fundraiser easily on the online fundraising platform powered by FarmRaiser.

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If you'd like to learn more about our program, sign up below. We will send you a sample catalog and more information about running an Equal Exchange fundraiser.

catalog fundraising easy steps for success

  1. Distribute FREE catalogs & promote!
  2. Your team sells from catalog (recommend 2-3 weeks)
  3. Collect and Tally Orders
  4. Submit Master Order Form (must have Excel to use)
  5. Receive Order (within 10 business days)
  6. Check and Distribute Products
Download Catalog Download Order Form Submit Your Order

Don’t have Excel? Use this guide and convert your master order form from Excel to Google Sheets. Email fundraising@equalexchange.coop if you still need help.

our resources

Introduce and Plan your Fundraiser

Holding up cacao pods

We have guides, blog posts, and presentations to help you introduce your Equal Exchange fundraiser to your committee and community.


Promote your Fundraiser

Fundraiser Coming Soon Graphic

Creative and consistent promotion of your fundraiser is integral to its success. We have the tools to help you!


Wrap up your Fundraiser

Fundraising distribution table

You're almost done! All that's left is to place your order and receive your products and we're here to guide you through each step.

Wrap It Up

what others are Saying

“We have consistently done your fundraiser now for at least five years. We love the products, the percentage we receive in profit, and the service you provide.” — Jane Dufault, Westport Music Boosters
“Great fundraiser-great products that align with our values. Incredibly fast turnaround from when the order was placed. Great experience!” — Nicole Sizemore, Fort Collins Montessori School
“Signing up for fundraiser is painless, ordering is a breeze, Payment is easy, Delivery is quick and profits are great! What more could you ask for out of a fundraiser!” — Kim Carey, First Position Performance Troupe
“We wanted to use a fundraiser that makes our world a better place. Not only do we earn money to support our programs, but we are supporting diverse, organic small farmers around the world.” — Amy Parr, Cooperstown Jr. High Student Government

for your Classroom


Farmer and children with cocoa beans

Presentations, infographics, and lesson plans to help you teach your kids about where our food comes from.



Two types of chocolate video

Learn more about our farmers partners, our mission, and how authentic Fair Trade supports farming communities.


Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How can I fundraise with Equal Exchange?

What kind of profit margin does Equal Exchange offer?

How much do the fundraising catalogs cost?

Can I receive samples to share with my group?

Do you offer promotional materials to help our group sell?

How long do you recommend running a fundraiser for?

Can we fundraise year-round?

Can we run an online fundraiser?

I have a small group or am an individual. Can I still do this fundraiser?

Ordering FAQs

I didn't order enough catalogs. Can I order more?

We did the fundraiser last year. How do we receive new catalogs?

Is there a minimum order?

Will Equal Exchange pack each student's order separately?

What is the turnaround time between placing our order and receiving it?

How much does shipping cost?

Can we order other Equal Exchange products besides those listed in the catalog?

We've collected all our orders. Can we place our final order by email or phone?

When do we receive our profits?

Chocolate & Cocoa FAQs

Where can I find out more information about your chocolate products? Coffee products? Tea products?

Are the chocolate bars without nuts processed in the same facility as those with nuts?

Do you have a Kosher-only fundraiser?

Misc. FAQs

Is Equal Exchange Fundraising an environmentally friendly fundraiser?

Do you have educational resources for teachers?

Where do Equal Exchange profits go?