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Fair Trade Halloween

Don't give out chocolate made with child labor.

Halloween should be fun for kids. But an unfair commodity system means that many cacao farmers struggle to earn a decent living. In the worst cases, this can lead to farms relying on child labor and trafficked workers to harvest the crop. The world's biggest chocolate companies know about this, but haven't done enough to stop it.

At Equal Exchange, we understand that chocolate is a treat — and farmers should always be paid fairly for their work. We work with farmers in Latin America and West Africa to source cacao that's organic, fair and traceable. Farmers can support their families, care for the environment and invest in the future.

Chocolate Minis

These bite-sized Minis are perfect for handing out to neighborhood kids — or for treating yourself to a guilt-free taste of organic chocolate. Choose creamy Milk or decadent Dark. The cacao comes from partners in Latin America and it’s 100% fair trade.

Halloween decorations and chocolate bars

Better Chocolate for You!

Need something more than a Mini? For years, Equal Exchange has sourced fair trade cacao from farmer co-ops in Latin America, where it’s grown on family-owned plots. We offer a range of full-sized bars, plus chocolate chips, baking cocoa and hot chocolate mixes made from simple ingredients. All of our chocolate and cocoa products are organic.

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Chocolate bar next to coffee beans forming the shape of Africa

Fair Trade Chocolate from West Africa

Equal Exchange is proud to announce that as of 2019, we offer ethically sourced chocolate from West Africa. We’re working with Gebana Togo to source beans from two farmer cooperatives, Scoops Procab and Scoops IKPA. They grow fully traceable cacao in Togo. Try it in the new Total Eclipse Bar — at 92% cacao, it’s our darkest bar yet.

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